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higher education: what keeps us awake at night?

Governments are aware of the importance of higher education. Many of them have active policies to encourage people to get a higher education degree. Universities support the principle that as many people as possible should have the opportnunity to follow higher education.

Over the last 5 years we have seen an amazing increase of student numbers. An example: in 1950 about 5% of the Dutch workforce had a higher education training; nowadays that is almost 40%. In some countries, supply and demand of higher education do not meet at all, which forces students to get a degree abroad. The growing demand in higher education is amazing and positive development. At the same time, it faces us with challenges.

Do you also work at a university? So this must sound familiar to you: student numbers growing, government funding frozen or decreasing, full lecture rooms. How to prevent higher education from turning into mass production? How to ensure that next generations of students also get the quality they deserve? What are you university’s solutions?


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