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Goodbye TU Delft – Off to Great Places

Last week nine universities from Europe, Asia, Australia and the US signed an agreement for Global Virtual Exchange. The idea for this alliance came from TU Delft and it took two years to make it work. Thanks to the hard work of colleagues from all participating universities students can now take online elective courses from the alliance members and gain credit for their degree. For me, it was the best bye-bye present I could imagine. On 20 December I will leave TU Delft. After 14 years, of which the past four and a half as Vice President, I will move to the East of The Netherlands to become President of Saxion UAS.

The Virtual Exchange Alliance is just one of the many successful initiatives in which the TU Delft team has been involved. In July, TU Delft passed its institutional audit on education with flying colours. Two months ago the TU Delft Teaching Lab was opened and has become the new home of the Teaching Academy. Many of our lecturers have received teaching awards in the Netherlands and internationally. And earlier this year MIT chose TU Delft as one of three universities for an international benchmark of engineering education which will be published in January.

We also pioneered with the Extension School, created four years ago, which now has around 70 MOOCs, courses for professionals and for secondary school students. Our inspiring lecturers teach 23,000 students on campus and 1.5 million learners online. The team also helped to create the “Versnellingsplan” (Acceleration Plan) on digitisation in Higher Education in the Netherlands.

I am immensely proud of the TU Delft team: great students and staff – academic and support – great education, and a fantastic reputation worldwide. Building on these foundations, I am sure that more great things will happen and I wish you all the very best. As Dr Seuss put it…

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