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A new Collaboration and Learning Environment

This academic year all TU Delft’s students and teachers will be using a new digital learning system, or as we call it nowadays,  Collaboration and Learning Environment (CLE). Teachers and students have been actively involved in the selection and implementation of the new CLE, Brightspace.

The introduction of a new system gave us the opportunity to rethink the way our CLE is organised and improve the learning experience of our students on campus and online. User-friendliness for teachers was also very important. Together with the student councils, teachers and support staff the CLE team has worked hard on the implementation. The implementation of such a system is often approached as an IT project. We didn’t, because it is about education. So the team focused on recognisability and reliability for teachers and students as key factors. Phase one -the implementation- is almost finished. In the second phase there will be more opportunity for innovation and flexibility.

Changing to a new CLE is a major project. I would like to thank all teachers and support staff for their effort this summer to prepare all courses that start in September. More than 1,000 courses have been migrated to be ready before September 4. A tremendous job!

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