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Welcome Alumni TU Delft – never stop learning

Professional Online LearningIn a previous blog ‘making life long learning a success with MOOCs’ I wrote about bridging the gap between what professionals need and what universities offer. Technology, the economy and jobs are subject to constant change. That is one reason why our campus education is adapting. For example, topics such as Cybersecurity, Big Data or the Circular Economy were not part of our programmes some years ago; now they are. And people already in jobs need to update their knowledge to stay relevant and employable. Continuous development is important for everybody and certainly for engineers. This is why some years ago TU Delft included professional education and life long learning in its mission.

A university’s job does not finish when a student graduates at age 23 or 24, we believe at TU Delft. We also want to contribute to the careers of our alumni and other working professionals in science, design and engineering. To provide training and education for professionals we have set up the TU Delft Extension School, which offers a wide variety of online courses in the fields of aerospace engineering, leadership, sustainable energy, water management, responsible innovation, design and architecture and much more. Some of our courses are about new developments in a specific domain to keep you up to date in your field. And if you want to broaden your knowledge and expertise: we also offer interdisciplinary courses. In our online courses you can participate in discussions with our professors, watch short and relevant course videos, do assignments, and discuss course content with other professionals.

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Almost 1,5 million learners in MOOCs have found us in the last two and a half years and over one thousand in professional education courses have already taken up the opportunity of learning online with us. We feel that we have a special relation with and obligation to our alumni.

Therefore I dedicate this blog to you. Are you one of our alumni? We want to better connect with you. Tell us what your or your company’s education and training needs are. And we would like to learn from you too.

We are all learners for life. I hope that the word ‘alumnus’ will not exist any longer five years from now. Wouldn’t it be great to have you all as active members of the TU Delft learning community forever? Find out more about our online professional education: or send us a message.

Never stop learning.

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