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2017: the Year of Open

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Our university embraced “open” many years ago, making scientific knowledge accessible online to all levels of society free of charge. To name a few, in 2007 we started sharing educational resources as OpenCourseWare. In 2014 we started an innovation programme around Open & Online Education and we have created many MOOCs since, with over 1,3 million learners participating. And in 2016 we initiated our OpenScience programme overarching open education and research, leading to the formulation of the open access policy and the creation of a data framework policy (in other words, policy for research data management). Now, in 2017, the year that the Open Education Consortium has declared ‘The Year of Open’, we are taking another step forward. In the TU Delft Year of Open we will organise activities to raise awareness among scientists, lecturers, administrators, and students about the importance of open science.

This year, there will be another full open science programme that you too can take part in. Examples include the Open Education Week in March, the launch of the open science course in June, the ten-year anniversary of OpenCourseWare, and the Open Access Week in October.

So keep your eyes and ears open and regularly check the website for all the interesting activities that will happen as part of The Year of Open.

A global perspective

The Year of Open is a global focus on open processes, systems, and tools, created through collaborative approaches, that enhance our education, businesses, governments, and organisations, organised by the Open Education Consortium. Open as a mindset about the way we should meet collective needs and address challenges.

Communities around the world are bringing open practices to many different fields, such as open source software, open government, open data, and of course open education. Open represents freedom, transparency, equity and participation. When something is openly created and released, the intent is for others to use it, contribute to its development and make it better for everyone, whether that’s adding more features or information, or finding errors and fixing them (source). Learn more about the global Year of Open.

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