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Celebrating one million MOOC enrolments


This summer we reached a big milestone: one million enrolments for our MOOCs on the edX platform. Last Thursday we celebrated this with the TU Delft community. The focus of the event was to show the impact of the 1M.

We joined the edX consortium in the beginning of 2013 and the first two MOOCs started in September 2013. After three years we have 36 MOOCs with 1 million enrolments. This has exceeded all our expectations.

We have reached this milestone thanks to our fantastic team. Rob Fastenau, eDean of the Extension School, said “Behind every course there are teachers who go the extra mile“. Faculty and support team, they all did a great job.

Impact of our MOOCs

Big numbers are good, but what do they mean? During the event we discussed the goals we originally had. We also looked at the impact of our MOOCs:

  • Educate the World: increase access to education
  • Enhance TU Delft’s reputation
  • Improve campus education
  • Facilitate a stronger relation between education and research
  • Provide better collaboration with industry
  • See how MOOCs and the Extension School can be a catalyst for organisational change

We received a very warm congratulation message of Anant Agarwal, President of edX:

The Next Step

I think we all agree that the MOOC programme has had a very positive impact. We are currently working on the next steps, such as proving credits for MOOCs for our campus students and those of partner universities, more collaboration with industry to offer professional education and apply what we learned in our MOOCs to our campus education.


Panel discussion on Education & Research


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