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Open Education Week: the world wants to learn

Next Monday marks the start of the Open Education Week. Supported by the Open Education Consortium, many activities will be organised between 9-13 March worldwide to raise awareness about open education.

At Delft University of Technology we will organise a number of interesting local activities at our campus. We will share experiences with open education, the impact on campus education and society. Please join us if you are around. You can find the full programme at the open TU Delft website, and to give you an idea, here’s the programme in short:

  • On Monday 9 March we will organise a Research Seminar and an Education Seminar, where our own TU Delft colleagues and colleagues from other universities will share their experiences
  • On Tuesday 10 March our TU Delft e-learning developers will provide a workshop for lecturers: how to develop a course design based on Open Education and how to use Open Education Resources
  • On Wednesday 11 March the TU Delft New Media Center will organise a tour of our recording studio for our lecturers
  • And finally on Thursday 12 March we will have a debate for students with our student council about the future of Open Education. I will take part in this debate as well.

I am happy to already see so much interest from our teaching staff for these activities: already we have more than 200 registrations.

In The Netherlands some other activities will take place as well, organised by SURF. SURF will broadcast 5 lunch lectures, one of which is a lecture by TU Delft about the state of Open Education worldwide. It will also release a theme issue around how to reach new audiences through Open & Online Education.

There have been so many new developments in online education in the least few years – MOOCs, SPOCs, professional online education, to name a few – that we sometimes forget why we started all of this: to provide education to everyone who wants to learn and to improve the quality of education. Open Education helps us doing just that.


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