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Delft University Lecturer & Graduate 2013

Last week, Alexander de Haan was voted Delft University’s Lecturer 2013; Hilde Coumou received the Graduate of the Year award.

At the ceremony, videos of eight fantastic lecturers (students of their own faculty voted them “lecturer of the year”) were shown and eight great graduates gave a five minute pitch of their master theses. Congratulations to all 16! And especially to Alexander and Hilde.

Alexander teaches at TPM; Hilde received two master degrees: in Biotechnology and in Science Communication. What they have in common is their versatility: Alexander gives very good lectures, and has a personal approach to teaching. Students were already positive about the way he teaches, but still he decided to change his approach. Alexander is one of Delft’s leaders in blended learning. Hilde was already an excellent student in biotechnology, but wanted more: if you really want to have an impact as an engineer, it is not enough to have a good idea – you have convince the public and politicians as well. This is why she decided to do two master programmes.

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