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Nuna Solar Team wins Solar Challenge

This week the Nuna Solar Team competed  in the World Solar Challenge for the seventh time. This race is organised every two years in Australia. The teams start Darwin (north of Australia) aiming to be the first to arrive in Adelaide, some 3000 km to the south.

The first four editions our team competed they won the challenge. In the 2009 and 2011 editions they came in second after Tokai University. This year the team was really eager to win again. And they did!

The Nuon Solar Team consists of 16 students from Delft University of Technology. The team represents various disciplines of our university such as Aerospace Engineering, Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Physics, Engineering Maths and Electrical Engineering. For one and a half year they worked on building the new solar vehicle.

On behalf of the executive board I congratulate the team with their team effort to win this race.

Image CC BY NC Nuon

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