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RoboCup junior 2013

On Saturday 20th of April  I was asked to hand out the Dutch National Robocup Junior Competition 2013 awards. This competion was organised in the Sports & Culture Centre of Delft University of Technology. 50 teams competed in the categories robot dance, save and rescue, and soccer.

It was great to see how kids between 9 and 19 years are able to build and program the robots themselves and deal with computers in a way that even experienced robot builders astonish. And that is the goal: let pupils experience how inspiring it can be to design and build things themselves and achieve these goals in a team. The younger kids get involved in technology,  the bigger the chance that they will be interested in it later in their school career.

Interesting to see that quite a number of participants were from Haarlem. Perhaps it is because one of the Haarlem School Care organisation (naschoolse opvang) has a special programme for robotica. That definitely works.

The organisation has created a nice video that gives a good impression of the day on their website.

Winnars of Robocup Junior 2013

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