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OCW Consortium Global Conference, Cambridge – US, 04-06 May 2011

OpenCourseWare: the next phase

The OCW Consortium annual conference is a major success. As OCW is celebrating its 10th anniversary, many of us feel that we are entering a new phase:

  • we have turned into a real inclusive, global movemement with more than 250 members
  • from a focus on the production of OCW and OER towards the user
  • great presentations by people from all over the world: Indonesia, Africa, Brazil, the US, UK, Spain ..
  • a growing interest among governments, foundations, international organisations, universities, schools and colleges
  • new projects on community building (such as groups of self learners studying OCW together), credits, peer to peer studying

Hal Plotkin: "There is no way this is going to stop now." Vic Vuchic: "My dream is that OCW will build a true and authentic international learning community."

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