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European OCW Consortium?

The global OCW consortium has been active for a few years now and the OCW movement is gaining pace.

Delft University of Technology is considering to start a European OCW Consortium as the European regional part of the global Consortium. Goals:

  1. Speed up OCW development in the European Union
  2. Enable European higher education institutions to exchange experiences
  3. Better inform EU governments about what OCW can do for their educational policies
  4. Get more producers and users of OCW materials on board

I believe that OCW can make a strong contribution to the EU’s agenda’s on Life Long Learning and Digital Europe. Interested? Send your reaction.

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Hi Anka,

An interesting thought, worthwhile to discuss on some occasion. I have noticed developments into German speaking conutries, but rather isolated. And I think we can learn a lot from Norway, although they are very modest about their OER projects.

Thanks Anka,

I agree Anka with your general approach and in particular with the creation of EU regional consortium with european funds. You have done the first step. The creation of a network round a EU Programm will allow to us follow the four objetives you have proposed.

Cheer up with the initiative!


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