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Harde Knip: Bachelor-master system in the Netherlands

The Netherlands introduced the Bachelor-Master system some years ago as part of the implementation of the Bologna agreement. Within the Netherlands, Delft University was one of the first to adapt the system and it has been running all its master programmes in English for several years now.

In the Bachelor-Master system students need to have a bachelor diploma to be admitted to a master programme. A clear rule, it seems, but not a common practice in Holland. Most universities have special arrangements for their own students. They do, however, insist that foreign students have a bachelor diploma before they enter a master course.

TU Delft and a number of other Dutch universites have decided to end this difference between Dutch and international students: no matter where they come from, a bachelor diploma is the minimum requirement for all those who want to be admitted to a master programme.

Want to read more about this?  Have a look at this article in the Science Guide (note: article is in Dutch!).



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